Required documents for releasing of goods

1)    Declaration
2)    Commercial ID
3)    Warehouse Receipt
4)    Bill of Lading
5)    Certificate of Origin
6)    Invoice
7)    Sales Foreign Currency, Advice Currency, Announcement Performa
8)    Performa Invoice
9)    Order of Registration
10)    Packing List
11)    Insurance Policy
12)    Permit of Production (In Case Of)
13)    Catalogue-Brochure (In Case)
14)    The Logical Permission for releasing good from Customs Such as : Certificate, Permission of Health Ministry, Standard Organization, Nuclear Energy, Quarantine.. (In case of )
15)    Letter of Attorney, Customs Brokers Card (In case of) according to Article 382 of Performing Circular of Custom House Executive Rules & Regulations


Regarding any products entering into State's territories which are named as Absolute Import (to final destination of Islamic Republic of Iran & for domestic Consumption), any brief explanation of releasing the goods is submission of any documentation for benefiting or deduction from:

Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading is required for marine cargos and CPR for any land shipments and also Air Way Bill for those via air. According to the mentioned definition in executive rules of Transportation & passing of foreign goods from Islamic Republic of Iran territories, Bill of Lading means a document as the ownership of the goods which would be issued by carrier or its representative upon receipt of the goods. It shows transportation of specific goods from one point (origin) to another (destination) with an agreed vehicle (Ship, Truck, Train, Airplane or combination of them) against special freight charges.

Delivery order
It is in fact a note of settlement of accounts of owner and/or its legal representative with international transportation company.

Warehouse note
It is required certificate for releasing of goods in relevant port.
Another meaning is a certificate of origin for approving the export of goods in origin country issued by Chamber of Commerce of exporting country.

Bank's letter to Custom House & Endorsement of notes
It is required for those shipments for which a L/C and/or a draft have been opened with a bank. It confirms permitted condition for releasing of LC for the mentioned shipment from viewpoint of opening bank and should be submitted to Custom House.

Performa Invoice
It is in fact a contract note between the owner and seller. Seller issues Performa invoices.

It means relevant documents of purchase issued by seller.

Order registration:
It means permitted license for releasing of goods from viewpoint of Ministry of Commerce.

Insurance premium:
If any.

Packing list:
It shows manner of sorting of goods in shipment. Seller is responsible for packing list.

Certificate of Inspection
It is upon the request of buyer from seller and accepting relevant costs and in country of origin by valid inspection companies. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain any samples for further analysis.

Health Certificate:
It is a form of license for foodstuffs, cosmetics or healthcare items with confirmation seal and signature of Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran. It is accompanied with other notes such as Halal certificate, catalogues, analysis and …