*Centralized management, special & experienced personnel, Powerful communications, Information facilities by the use of latest and current commercial rules and regulations and also benefiting from specialists of banking industry, insurance, transportation and commercial rights enable us to perform our duties in minimum possible time (Import, Export, Release and Consultancy).

*Consultancy affairs and presenting of successful guidelines in the field of foreign trade and releasing of products for acceleration of job and reducing cost price of goods at the time of releasing and delivering

*Supporting all materialistic & spiritual rights of customers at all steps and through legal resources from beginning up to a suitable conclusion

*Submission of consultancy in the field of preparing and regulation of commercial notes and also consultancy in the field of transportation of goods to private stocks

*Presenting of relevant daily reports about performing of custom house affairs at any hour through day & night along with released notes to customers

*Releasing of required products on percentage basis

*Following up any disputes between Custom House and Owner, participating in Settlement of Disputes commissions and committees and value of the goods on continuous basis