Peyvand Tejarat Tarkhis Company

Peyvand Tejarat Tarkhis Company is holder of a Commission Work License issued by Iranian Custom House. It has started its activity from 2009. It is one of the young and active companies in the field of releasing of products, export, import and transit.

Managerial attitude of founders about this type of activity is a dynamic and mature job. It was programmed for growth and promotion of Peyvand Tejarat Tarkhis Company.

Due to daily increase of necessities of managers of great factories and businessmen for releasing services and /or more important of customers' satisfaction about presented services made a suitable position for Peyvand Tejarat Tarkhis Company in trade market. Right now the number of customers is increasing with a promotion process in future.

The real secret keys of Peyvand Tejarat Tarkhis Company from beginning up to now are quick response, carefulness and honesty in all executive functions and also submission of most suitable guidelines for maintenance of economic benefits of various companies as our great proud.


*Membership of managing director and chairman of the board in relevant Union of Commissioners & Chamber of Commerce and Bandar Abbas Mines & Industries


*Membership of the managing director in Businesswomen Center of Hormozgan Province as the chairwoman of the board


*Providing experienced and responsible personnel for releasing of goods


*Benefiting from updated technology in the field of information & statistics and relevant circulations


*Complete support of customer, maintenance of the rights and human dignity of customers in all fields of releasing of products


*Submission of photos, CD and sample of goods prior to release to customer for visiting the goods or containers and/or any other items


*Central office is located at Bandar Abbas with active branches in Khoramshahr Port, Imam Khomeini Port and other ports as well